I’m Seeking Second Term To Add More Value To Aiyepe Community-Olaseni Kasumu

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Outgoing chairman of Aiyepe Community Development Committee,Mr.Olaseni Kasumu,in this interview with Premium News,shares his experience in the first tenure,why he’s seeking re-election and what the people of Aiyepe in the Odogbolu local government area of Ogun state should expect in his second term.

Your tenure as the Chairman of ACDC for ends in few hours.Could you your share with us how your tenure imparted on the development of Aiyepe community.

Since inception,my tenure has been a very interesting journey characterized by a myriad of challenges and experiences that could best be described as uphill tasks which to the glory of God were all surmounted.

We executed milestone projects such as:
Improvement in the provision of qualitative health services.

Provision of qualitative education in the community.

Distribution of free exercise books for both secondary and primary schools in Aiyepe
Erection of speed breakers at strategic places in the community.

Building of an ultra modern health center up to lintel level and completed and furnished by the federal government.

Building of pharmaceutical section/dispensary with a store and lavatory behind the health center.

-Provision of adequate security for the community.

– Clearing/Cleaning of our drinages at interval.
-Payment of two security guards for the Aiyepe comprehensive high school for seven months.

Erection of caution signs on our road to avoid accidents.

Filling of potholes on the Aiyepe/Ikenne road and Aiyepe /Odogbolu road on three occasions.

Provision of Covid-19 relief materials to the vulnerable ones.

Facilitation of the sinking of borehole at ilubirin quarters.

Facilitation of the light up Aiyepe project.

Repairs of all non functional boreholes within the Aiyepe Community with the assistance of Aiyepe Society United Kingdom/Ireland .

Facilitation of the reinstatement of the Gateway Polytechnic, Aiyepe campus
Creation of forty CDA’s in the community from the ACDA to ACDC

We played our part by supporting the Aiyepe think tank group in the building of the ongoing Aiyepe town hall project.To mention but a few.

I would say we have come a very long way in carrying along the entire community and assuring sons and daughters of Aiyepe of our constant dedication to duty and relentless service all geared towards the building of a better Aiyepe community

Tell us the challenges you experienced and how you surmounted them.

There are numerous challenges experienced by my administration, but I was able to overcome them on account of my rare passion for the community and open door policy as a leader.

At times, I simply have objective heart to engage in discussion with any dissenting elements within or outside my cabinet which will surely convince them to see things from an objective angle

What mechanisms did you put in place to measure the impact of your tenure as the Chairman of ACDC ?

In my opinion,I attribute my leadership qualities to the Almighty Allah, who gave me this rare priviledge and the ability to further harness my talents to inspire my team, and our community as a whole.

It’s been through hard work and prayers that we achieved all what we did so far

What will you do differently from your first tenure if you are re-elected?

We will look for people of like minds,who truly believe in the community and will jointly bring in investors to invest in infrastructure particularly in the area of Energy which has multifaceted ways of impacting our well being as a people. I will redouble my effort on proactive governance so that what we do in our community will have multiplying benefits for our people

Why should you be reelected as the chairman of the ACDC after your first tenure ?

The people of Aiyepe Community can attest to our achievements and as such they know the community is progressing with the formidable team of tenacious executives.

They want to ensure continuity of the good work and a positive turn around of the development projects within the community.

Their intent to give us another opportunity to serve amounts to allowing us to come and consolidate on our achievements. My re-election will aid the growth and development of my community

Our sons and daughters are in diaspora doing Aiyepe proud.How do you hope to tap into the potentials of these Diasporians if you get the second term bid?

My relationship with those in diaspora is very cordial.They’ve been carrying out various projects in the community.I will ensure they do more by creating an enabling environment for such.

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