Lagos Uber,Bolt Drivers Begin Strike Monday

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Uber,Bolt drivers begin one week-strike in Lagos –
The Professional E-Hailing Drivers and Private-Owners Association (PEDPA),will withdraw its services from Lagos roads on Monday on account of unfavourable environment in the state.
The industrial action of the embattled drivers will last for a week to allow them press home their demands.
Comrade Idris-Shonuga Oluwaseun,the National President of the association told newsmen in Lagos that Bolt Nigeria Limited has been treating his members welfare  with levity and exhibiting attitude that leaves them with no option than to downtool.
He recalled that the union communicated the concerns of his members and the need to address same to the Managing Director of the company in a letter dated September 8,2020.
The company,he said,didn’t honour the request for the parley and prompted the union to write another letter to it on April 1,2021  on the worsening state of his members.
“We are saddened that despite the unprecedented increase in the price of fuel,motor vehicles spare parts,food items and other essential items/commodities in Nigeria,rather than your company considering fixing a new and reasonable fare in line with the unprecedented increase ,your company has reckless continued to maintain low fare payable per trip by the riders impoverishing hardworking young Nigerians who were diligently and lawfully trying to make a decent living.
” We have also noticed that your company has unilaterally continued to block drivers without any justifiable reason and without any opportunity to defend allegation,if any,against them thereby denying  them fundamental right to fair hearing.
“Consequently and in view of your non chalanr attitude,continuing abuse,unfriendly /inhuman treatment and unjustifiable unilateral blockage of e-hailing drivers from your data base in Nigeria, we shall be compelled to mobilize /organize our members for an embarrassing protest against your company should you fail to meet with the leadership of the union on or before the close of business on the  15th day of April 2021 to fashion out more beneficial arrangements that will better the lives and standard of living of all e-hailing drivers in Nigeria,” he said.
Announcing his union’s five points demand,Shonuga advocated the need for immediate Proper Profiling of all Riders patronizing the drivers’ services and mmediate joint upwards review of the fare  to meet the current economy reality in the country
He also demanded immediate review of all accounts blocked unjustifiably and adequate welfare packages for drivers and compensation to the family of those that lost their lives or are permanently disabled.
He added that there should be  no more individual engagement,adding that all  policies must be reviewed by driver union before being enacted.
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