Chima Ajjoku

To dream simply refers to the ability to imagine and think about something you would like to happen. There are (2) kinds of dreams, they one you have at night while asleep and the one you have day time with your consciousness. The dream I am concerned about is the second and not the first.

That is why “T.E. Lawrence stated: “All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night ….wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are very dangerous men for they may act their dream with open eyes,to make it possible “.


It is important for you to have a dream because of the following reasons:
1. It helps you to stay focused.
2. It gives you a reason for living (purpose)
3. You can only become what you dream of.
4. It gives you hope
5. It propels and sustains you.
6. It brings out your potentials.

You must realize that ” you as are not permitted to feature in a future you cannot picture.” It is therefore important for you to have a dream. Let me equally say that your dream should be big and outstanding, not just ordinary. It is infact a dream in the first place because it is unique and outstanding; otherwise you would just be another mediocre.

There are (4) stages to getting results with your dream. They are:
STAGE 1: Have a dream.
STAGE 2: Plan and strategize
STAGE 3: Move to execute it.
STAGE 4: You get the desired results.

Kayo-Kayo Festival Deserves Global Attraction-Group

Mohammed Shosanya

A non-profit social group, Club Seventies Epe, has implored Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State consider improving the annual Kayo-Kayo Festival in Epe community for global attraction.

Kayo-Kayo Festival is an annual religious and cultural festival observed in commemoration of the arrival of King Kosoko and his warlords to Eko-Epe in 1851.

Yusuf Yunus, President of the club, said upscaling the festival was necessary in order to attract tourists and strengthen the economy of the community.

He noted that the age-long festival had not gained enough visibility due to the limited scope of the celebration.

He advised the state government to engage professionals in the area of festival organisation to further develop programmes for the event, to make it more attractive and entertaining.

“Kayo-Kayo festival can be better packaged to attract tourists”,he said.

He advised Sanwo-Olu to put this on the front burner, get professionals to redesign programmes for the yearly festival.

“More interesting programmes should be inculcated, also, publicity should be improved on, we observed that adequate awareness is usually not created prior to the commencement of the festival.

“We are concerned because we know what the festival can fetch us. When the festival is properly organised, it will provide opportunities for local artisans, vendors and performers to showcase their talents and generate income.

“We want the festival to become a more vibrant and attractive celebration of Epe’s rich culture,” he said.

According to Yusuf, expanding the Kayo-Kayo festival can attract numerous benefits, including, cultural exchange, community development, cultural preservation, global recognition, economic empowerment and unity.

He said in order to improve the festival, government could look into incorporating various music genres, dance styles and cultural acts peculiar with the community, to cater to different tastes.

“Government can also create a marketplace for local artisans to showcase and sell their handmade crafts, textiles and souvenirs.There could also be a platform for cultural workshops where interactive sessions for attendees could be created to learn traditional Epe dances,music and art forms.

With this, a deliberate attempt is made for cultural integration and exchange.

“The festival could also leverage the social media, online advertising and influencer partnerships to reach a broader audience,” he said.

Oyo Holds Maiden World Egungun-Amala-Fuji Festival July 11

Mohammed Shosanya

The maiden Egungun-Amala-Fuji Festival, will hold in Ibadan, the capital city of Oyo State.

The state Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Dr. Wasiu Olatunbosun, gave the hint during the celebration of Asa Day organized by Ibadan Grammar School, Molete, Ibadan.

He disclosed that the festival is aimed at revitalizing and promoting the rich masquerade traditions of the state.

According to him, the festival, scheduled for July 11 at Race Course Amphitheater, Lekan Salami Sports Complex, Adamasingba, promises to be a unique blend of traditional masquerade performances, indigenous cuisine and sterling presentations by several Fuji artistes.

He noted that the festival, which is the first of its kind, would showcase the vibrancy of Yoruba culture while bridging traditional practices with modern entertainment.

He emphasised the commitment of the Seyi Makinde administration to changing the negative perceptions surrounding masquerade culture, which have been influenced by safety concerns.

He said, “Oyo State is the father of culture, we need to promote our culture and change the negative colouration given to our traditions by foreigners.”

Dr. Olatunbosun urged widespread participation, encouraging residents to bring their children to witness the celebration of Yoruba cultural heritage, adding that the event would attract international attention.

The Commissioner commended Ibadan Grammar School for organising the Asa Day event, calling on other schools to follow suit in preserving Yoruba culture.

He advised parents and teachers, particularly Yoruba language instructors, to uphold cultural practices through their dress and language use.

The Asa Day celebration featured various cultural performances by students, including drama, dance, and traditional songs.

Nigerian Artist Advocates Action On Climate Crisis With Captivating Exhibition

Mohammed Shosanya

Chinze Ojobo,a contemporary Nigerian artist has used her thought provoking work to call for action against climate change crisis.

She captivated art enthusiasts and collectors with her groundbreaking exhibition at the prestigious Thames Side Studios in the Royal Borough of Greenwich, London.

Chinze,a Fine and Applied Arts graduate from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka,exhibited her profound artistic talent through various mediums, including acrylic on carved wood, acrylic on canvas, acrylic on Ankara cloth, and found objects.

Her diverse range of works showcased her versatility and creativity as an artist.

The exhibition,which held recently was a resounding success, drawing art lovers from all walks of life. Chinze’s open studio allowed visitors to witness her latest creations firsthand, providing an immersive experience that left a lasting impression.

Under the theme “Melting Boundaries,” Chinze’s exhibition emphasized the pressing challenges of climate change, particularly the alarming rise in displaced populations in Africa and around the world due to desert encroachment, flooding, and the hazardous effects of global carbon emissions.

She advised society to unite and address these urgent environmental issues through her art.

Her thought-provoking paintings served as a visual narrative, capturing the devastating consequences of climate change and the human struggle against its relentless force.

With a deep understanding of the power of art to convey messages, Chinze’s creations evoked emotions, pushing viewers to contemplate the urgency of the climate crisis and the need for immediate action.

She emphasised the import of raising awareness about climate change and its impact on vulnerable communities, calling for a concerted effort from individuals, governments and organisations to address the pressing issues of global warming, deforestation and carbon emissions.

Art critics commended the exhibition and commended Chinze’s ability to merge artistic expression with social commentary.

Her work was a catalyst for change, encouraging viewers to reflect on their role in preserving the environment and taking steps towards a sustainable future.

As Ojobo’s exhibition came to a close, it left an indelible mark on the art world and the collective consciousness of those who had the privilege of experiencing it.

Through her poignant and evocative creations, Chinze Ojobo succeeded in reminding us of our responsibility to protect our planet and create a better world for future generations.

Chinze has showcased her works in various cities worldwide, including the New York Art Expo, London, Paris, Jo’burg, Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Lagos and Abuja.

Davido Didn’t Play Good Fatherly Role To Imade-Sophia Momodu

Mohammed Shosanya

Pursuant to the custody dispute allegations that popular musical talent, Davido Adeleke is seeking custody of his daughter, Imade due to access denial by her mother, Sophia Momodu’s lawyer, (Punuka attorneys & solicitors and BIMPE AJEGBOMOGUN & CO) has insisted that she has never denied Davido access to their daughter.

Sophia has never denied David access to Imade, only access to physical intimacy with her, which he has taken issue with, the firm said.

Reacting to a media report,titled; “David Adeleke Seeking Custody of the Daughter,” Sophia Momodu through her legal representatives in an official statement made available to journalists maintained that it was rather Davido who has not made attempt to play his fatherly role to Imade; “David is in a publicly known relationship, and Sophia wishes him well.

“She has always sought civility and peace and wants to move forward in her life free from harassment and verbal abuse.

Sophia Momodu refrains from further comment as the matter has escalated into a legal dispute. Despite facing threats and claims of immunity from Nigerian law, she maintains faith in the justice system and fully cooperates with the legal process.

“She hopes that the injustices and hardships faced by herself and Imade will be exposed and justice served, with all necessary documentation provided.
Through this challenging situation, Sophia remains hopeful for a positive outcome where David actively participates in every relevant facet of their daughter’s life as she has always desired it to be.”

The statement clarifed further:
” David has not seen Imade since July 2022 by his own choice. Sophia has never denied him the opportunity to see his daughter. He has not reached out on special occasions such as her birthday or Christmas for the past two years, which has left Imade distressed and questioning why her father has cut contact with her. Despite this, David posts images of Imade on social media to falsely portray himself as a supportive and active father.”

She accused the singer of financial neglect.

” Since July 2022, David has not fulfilled his financial responsibilities towards Imade, leaving her school fees unpaid. Imade’s school contacted him multiple times regarding the fees for the 2021/2022 school term and January 2023, with no response. Legal counsel was sought in February 2023, resulting in David’s father, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke, eventually paying the outstanding fees.

“Regardless of this neglect Sophia strongly maintains that the most important support David can provide to Imade is his presence and emotional support.”

The statement noted that Sophia has been bearing sole financial responsibility for Imande and that efforts initiated by her for a peaceful co-parenting has proved abortive. .

“Since July 2022, Sophia has solely and willingly shouldered expenses including rent, living and travel costs, healthcare, and all other expenses related to Imade.

” Two years ago, Sophia initiated efforts through her legal team to establish a formal co-parenting arrangement with David, but to no avail as he and his lawyers have consistently refused to cooperate toward a mutually agreeable resolution. Instead, they have attempted to discredit and isolate Sophia and Imade using David’s social influence and network.”

It recalled that David Adeleke and Sophia Momodu were in a relationship from 2014-2017 and 2020-2022 and that during this time, David provided financial support for their daughter, Imade, covering school fees, rent, and other living expenses, including the cars mentioned in the article.

“Sophia ended the relationship with David in July 2022. Since then, David repeatedly threatened to make Sophia’s life difficult if she does not make herself available to him sexually.”

She urged journalists to verify stories before reporting skewed and unbalanced information to the public.”

Abuja Art Festival:Seven-Month-Old Baby Showcases Works

Mohammed Shosanya

The Abuja edition of the ‘Life In My City Art Festival’ Abuja Region Exhibition,has opened at the Thought Pyramid Art Centre Abuja with the theme ‘ Humanism’

A seven- month- old baby, Akuchinyere Bliss Enyeribe is among the artists taking part in the event which is an annual celebration of creativity featuring young talents in the Nigerian art landscape.

Akuchinyere showcased three of her works through her mother which are made up of paintings on the paper with different colours and impressions with the title ‘ The Art of Giving ‘

The event will feature festivals, lectures, engaging workshops for school children and art teachers as well as workshops for children with disabilities.

The Regional exhibitions will take place in fourteen ( 14 ) selected cities nationwide, providing artists from all regions with an opportunity to showcase their work .

The Grand finale of the event will be held on 19th – 26th October 2024 in Enugu, Enugu State and will showcase the work of 100 artists selected from the regional exhibitions with each artist sponsored to participate in the event.

Addressing journalists during the opening ceremony the LIMCAF Art Director, Ayo Adewunmi said the festival will feature 75 creative works of young artists who will be competing in the National competition involving artists from 15 regions of the county.

According to him, “ We think that there is a need to have opportunity for the younger generation and what we can do is to think of how we can help our younger Nigerian artists.

Asked about the criteria to be used by the local judges in making selection Adewunmi said “ The use certain criteria which includes; thematic relevance, technical proficiency, the art work, basic principles of art and the quality of production.

Those are the things the local jurists will look at and unfortunately we have limited space for each region. Abuja for instance may have more thank nine ( 9 ) entries out of these 75 . So is very and they consider the spread of the various area of art. You have mixed media, photography, digital art , so they consider that in their selection.
Adewunmi lamented the low patronage of the visual art in the country saying is not getting support that is required.

“ When you see a product like ‘Life In My City’ that is already making waves you need to support it and give it global relevance. We said let us encourage the artists to look at their environment and make statement concerning what is happening there even though we have thematic concept every year . But before now the idea is to talk about life in your city , village and environment. We expect them to look into their environment and interpret visually”.

The Director General National Council For Art and Culture, Mr. Obi Asika who was represented by Chris Obada commended the courage and resilience of the organizers of LIMCAF and determination of young people who took Art off the shelf and put it in the street.

He also pledged to prioritize the relationship between the council and the other stakeholders with the view to promoting art in the country.

According to Asika,”I wish to welcome everyone again to this event and I must say that I am very impressed with the ambience as provided by our regular host and foremost art hangout, the Thought Pyramid Art Centre. Well done.

“ When I received the invitation to this event, I asked for a brief concerning LIFE IN MY CITY and what I received had a huge imprint on me. Looking through the prism of my vision of charting a new course both in art administration and practice, I saw in LIMCAF courage, determination and resilience of young people who took Art off the shelf and put it in the streets, thereby enlivening art talents and berthing one of the most consistent creative converges that this sector has witnessed in the period of a little less than two decades.

“ On a worrisome note, the organisers of this event in their letter of invitation have termed the contribution of the National Gallery of Art to them in their 17 years of existence as “scanty” and for an agency whose primary responsibility is to oversee the development of our nation’s creative resource, that is not acceptable.

“ But let it be told that there is a new sheriff in town with a smoking gun and a listening ear for everyone. Please be informed that as Director General, I have begun to pull down barriers and diffuse negative energies that have hitherto affected relationships between the National Gallery of art and its critical stakeholders. So, impressions like this are becoming a thing of the past.

“ In closing, let me say that LIMCAF has done well as engine room of creative interchange and I consider it as great inspiration especially in an era when very many art programmes are depending on government handouts. Looking closely, I see areas of synergy between them and the National Gallery of Art and I am using this opportunity to invite them for cross fertilization of ideas for the benefit of the Visual Art sector.

“ Also, I am determined to expand the contents of our national Collection, therefore I am looking forward to the climax and award night of this gathering in October, 2024. Please come with me there again, and thank you for listening”

No fewer than 637 entries were received from around the regions including Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan, Abeokuta , Jos PortHarcourt , Abuja, Zaria and Enugu.

Also at the event was Martin Ilo , board member of LIMCAF, Cultural Affairs Officer US Embassy, Brian Neuberty , Associate Curator Thought Pyramid Art Centre , Ogbonnaya Eke and other art enthusiasts.

Nigerian Versatile Artist, Raji Bamidele Brings Exhibition Home

Mohammed Shosanya

Absa Group has announced that the exhibition “The Melodious Struggle of Souls and Consciousness” by multi-disciplinary and self-taught multifaceted Nigerian artist, Raji Bamidele, is finally coming to Nigeria.

The exhibition forms part of the Absa L’Atelier, in collaboration with the South African National Association with the Visual Arts (SANAVA).

Raji is the 2019 Absa L’Atelier Ambassador. He aims to take local art enthusiasts on an immersive journey into the profound depths of human existence – some of which may be familiar to many – with his latest solo exhibition.

He draws inspiration from the Yoruba people and their belief system. The Yoruba people, which are a West African ethnic group who inhabit parts of Nigeria, Benin, and Togo, believe that the soul, consciousness, and spirit are intricately interconnected facets of the human experience.

His artwork encapsulates the concept that the soul embodies the mind, which reflects the heart, and the heart extends the soul and spirit. This interconnectedness forms the basis for a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.

Dr. Paul Bayliss, Absa’s Senior Specialist: Art and Museum Curator, highlights the vital role played by the arts to society and support for the industry is pivotal, especially for young Africans.

“The arts sector in Africa is increasingly becoming an important economic sector, not only for the potential it holds for opportunities for young people, but for its ability to shape narrative for the future of the continent. The UNDP recognises the need to support the arts for their potential to lift many people out of poverty and to help transform how the global community sees Africa”, said Bayliss.

“Bamidele’s unique story is testament to this reality. He is talented, self-taught, and multifaceted, which proves that the continent is home for incredibly special and talented young people. And, once these stories are unearthed, more young people on the continent can resonate with the story, be inspired by the success, and work in similar fashion to contribute significantly to this continent.”

The exhibition will open in the Alliance Francais Gallery in Lagos to the public on Saturday, 23 June and run until 13 July 2024.

Absa remains committed to supporting the arts on the continent, which lives up to the brand promise of “Your Story Matters”, and ultimately recognises stories told through art, such as Bamidele.

CBAAC,Digit A Forge Digital Alliance To Promote African Art

    Mohammed Shosanya
The Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC) and Digit A, have explored digital alliance to promote African art.
Mr Oswald Osaretin Guobadia , the Managing Partner at Digit A, last Tuesday visited the CBAAC Head Office in Lagos where he was received by the Director -General, Hon. Aisha Adamu Augie.
According to a statement,the visit aimed to explore potential collaborative and partnership opportunities between the two organizations, particularly in promoting African arts, culture and the creative economy through the digitalization of CBAAC’s extensive collection of African Culture Artifacts, Artworks and historical materials from FESTAC ’77.
Both parties were enthusiastic about this intending partnership aiming to enhance the creative economy sector through access to information and cultural arts material just by a click on the internet,the statement said.
It added:”By combining CBAAC’s cultural expertise and Digit A’s technological capabilities, the two organizations are poised to effectively promote and preserve the rich diversity of African arts, culture and the creative economy through the use of computerized technology”
Earlier,the Ministry of Commerce of the People’s Republic of China, in collaboration with Beijing International Chinese College (BICC), organised a seminar for cultural officials from Belt and Road countries.
The statement explained that the aim of the seminar was to promote cultural exchange and cooperation among participating countries, along the Belt and Road initiatives.
The Director-General of the Centre for Black and African Arts and Civilization (CBAAC) Hon. Aisha Adamu Augie; Mr James Sule, the Permanent Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Art, Culture and the Creative Economy; Haj. Zainab Ali Biu of the Federal Ministry of Arts Culture and Creative Economy and Cultural Officials from over 10 countries participated in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI),attended the event.
Sweden Moves To Return 39 Stolen Benin Artefacts

Mohammed Shosanya

The Swedish government has resolved to return 39 pieces of Benin Artefacts in her Museum to the Oba of Benin, Ewuare II.

The action followed the Federal Republic of Nigeria Gazette No. 57, Volume 110 at pages A245-247 issued on March 23rd, 2023, which recognized ownership and vesting Custody and Management of repatriated Benin Artefacts in the Oba of Benin.

The Swedish Ambassador to Nigeria, Her Excellency Annika Hahn-Englund, conveyed the Swedish government decision when she paid a courtesy visit to the Oba of Benin Palace in Benin City, Edo State.

Ambassador Hahn-Englund told the Royal father that Sweden and Nigeria, which is the second largest market in Sub-Sahara Africa, are trading partners, including infrastructure,telecommunication, energy and other businesses that supported the economies significantly.

The Swedish envoy, said, “also, I would like to mention that with cooperation, we have in Culture, Education with Nigeria; I would like to mention the decision of why the Swedish government has to return 39 Artefacts to Benin Kingdom.

“So, your Majesty, I am very honoured to be here tonight”, Ambassador Hahn-Englund said this while paying respect to Oba Ewuare II.

Responding, Oba Ewuare II on behalf of Edo people also welcomes the decision and expressed his deepest gratitude to the Swedish government for the intervention.

The Benin monarch recalled how he made a request through the Swedish monarch in 1998 to return Benin Bronzes in Sweden during his courtesy visit to him as Nigeria Ambassador to Scandinavian countries.

He disclosed that the federal government-backed Benin Royal Museum project is still on course, and commended partners for their support and devotion towards the project.

The Oba also commended the National Commission for Museums and Monuments (NCMM), which is an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, responsible for the preservation, promotion, and development of Nigeria’s cultural heritage.

The traditional ruler who prayed for members of the Diplomatic Mission, shared a captivating tale of his Diplomatic exploits as Ambassador in the Scandinavian Countries, noting that the remarkable reign and enduring affection of the Swedish monarch, His Royal Majesty, Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus remain indelible.

According to Oba Ewuare II, the demand for the return of looted Benin Artefacts has been on since the reign of Oba Akenzua II, “and you are here today telling me that it has been approved. This has been my request a long time ago. God’s time is always the best”.

The Ambassador in the company of her husband and a member of the Diplomatic Mission, presented a souvenir to Oba Ewuare II, who in turn gave a copy of the federal government Gazette on all Benin Artefacts to the envoy in appreciation.

Soyinka’s Birthday Declared National Reading Day

Mohammed Shosanya

This Nigerian Copyright Commission has dedicated this year’s World Book and Copyright Day to the Nobel laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, and named July 13 the National Reading Day to mark his 90th birthday.

The Director-General,NCC, John Asein,who disclosed this in a statement,also emphasized the import of allowing individuals to read in their preferred manner and location.

“Our Nobel laureate in Literature, playwright, essayist, literary icon and UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, Prof Wole Soyinka, will turn 90 on the 13th of July, 2024.

“We are pleased to dedicate this year’s World Book and Copyright Day to him. He is unarguably the tallest living iroko in Nigeria’s rich literary forest and an advocate of books, reading and copyright.

“Beyond a befitting celebration of the literary icon on his 90th Birthday, the commission is calling on stakeholders in the book industry to recognise July 13 as Nigeria’s National Reading Day to encourage Nigerians to read for pleasure and draw attention to some of the values that he has advanced in the literary world.

“By this recognition, he becomes our first Copyright Change Champion,” the NCC DG announced.

He urged stakeholders in Nigeria’s book industry to recognise July 13 as Nigeria’s National Reading Day, coinciding with the 90th birthday celebration of the literary icon.

The World Book and Copyright Day is set aside every April 23 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation to focus on books, celebrate authors, promote reading, encourage non-discriminatory access to knowledge and raise copyright awareness.

In his goodwill message to mark the World Book and Copyright Day, Soyinka stressed the importance of intellectual property rights for authors.

He said the prevalence of pirated copies of authors’ works reflected poorly on society and governments’ understanding of copyright.

Soyinka urged concerted efforts to protect intellectual property, highlighting its significance in the global intellectual landscape.

He added:“An author’s encounter with pirated copies of his or her work is not the most inspiring of social responses to the literary occupation.

“It is also a sad reflection on such societies and the slack understanding of governments to the meaning and responsibilities of – copyright – the fundamental entitlement to intellectual property.

“As we celebrate yet another day dedicated to this product of human enlightenment, we should dedicate ourselves to the protection of this cornerstone in the intellectual edifice of humanity, across nations, races, faiths, cultures and histories.

“Even where the world persists in its impeccable strides towards a seeming destiny of self-destruction, the still, small voice of humanity refuses to be silenced, nor is its zeal of mission diminished.”