CNL Steps Up Support For Environmental Restoration,Cleaner Energy

Mohammed Shosanya

Chevron Nigeria Limited,operator of the joint venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited and CNL,has identified with global action on preservation of the environment.

The company said the action aligns with its commitment to protecting the environment while providing affordable, reliable, and ever-cleaner energy that enables human progress.

The global oil company expressed the commitment in a statement to mark this year’s World Environment Day.

The focus for this year is on land restoration, desertification and drought resilience under the slogan “Our land. Our future. We are #GenerationRestoration.


Accordong to the statement,CNL’s operations are conducted with sound environmental management practices in compliance with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements, stakeholder expectations and best industry practices.

This commitment to environmental stewardship,the company said,is a key part of CNL’s Operational excellence integral to project planning and assets life cycle management.

The company places the highest priority on the safety of the people and the environment in its areas of operation.


Jim Swartz, CNL’s Chairman and Managing Director (“CMD”), explains that the theme for the year is consistent with the company’s values and environmental principles anchored on considering the environment in decision making, minimizing environment footprint, operating responsibly, and stewarding our sites.

“We take proactive measures to prevent negative environmental impacts when we do every task or plan projects. We identify and manage risks to the environment and reduce potential environmental impacts throughout the life of our assets.”

Jim speaks further on the company’s focus on environmental stewardship,

“We protect the environment through responsible design, development, operations and improve the integrity and reliability of our systems. We work to decommission, remediate and reclaim applicable sites, following environmental procedures and best practices.”


He also affirms CNL’ s dedication to achieving world class environmental excellence through its risk management process.

“We apply our Environment Risk Management process to identify, assess, mitigate, and manage environmental, community health, and social risks related to our operations”, he said.

He added:”We also conduct regular environmental monitoring of the biodiversity in our onshore, offshore, and deep-water areas, including vegetation, wildlife, fishery, and marine mammals. We use a risk-based approach to manage water and biodiversity risks throughout the lifecycle of our assets and business.”


Esimaje Brikinn, General Manager, Policy, Government and Public Affairs said the company also partners with local communities in its areas of operation to raise awareness and cooperation in implementing environmental sustainability actions.

According to him,CNL’s waste management philosophy covers the entire life cycle of waste and ensures that all the wastes generated from its operations are managed responsibly from cradle to grave, applying its third-party Waste Stewardship process as applicable.

Esimaje cites the company’s mangrove restoration program to demonstrate its dedication to environmental stewardship and proactive approach to addressing the challenges of ecosystem restoration in the Niger Delta.

He said: “As part of our restoration efforts, we successfully restored approximately 18 hectares of land at different sites in our Western Area of operations which suffered fire incidents due to third party interference. The mangrove restoration also enabled CNL to impact the community positively through training of community women on identification of viable mangrove propagules, raising them in the nursery for transplanting of thousands of mangrove seedlings.”

CNL, he added,continues to demonstrate its commitment to environmental stewardship through its lower carbon strategy, focused on lowering the carbon intensity of its operations by implementing methane detection and reduction capabilities. This has enabled CNL to reduce routine gas flaring by over 97% in its operations in the past 10 years, showing its environmental responsibility.

As a corporate member of the Nigerian Environmental Society, CNL promotes the engagement and commitment to environmental protection actions in Nigeria.

In 1992, the company, in partnership with the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (“NCF”), established the Lekki Conservation Centre, as a center of excellence in environmental research and education, which is also reserved as a sanctuary for the rich flora and fauna of the Lekki Peninsula.

Other initiatives include its support for the yearly postgraduate research grants for two PhD students in environment and conservation, instituted by the NCF; the annual S.L. Edu Memorial Lecture to promote environmental management awareness, and partnership with the Lagos State Government and NCF to sponsor the annual Walk for Nature event to create awareness for nature conservation and environmental issues.

According to Esimaje, “CNL’s efforts in environmental stewardship have continued to be recognized and applauded in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. CNL has a long history of working in collaboration with regulators and relevant stakeholders to identify and protect biodiversity in its areas of operation.”

As the world focuses on restoring land, preventing desertification, and coping with drought, CNL remains focused on its environment strategy “to further our ability to help protect and enhance biodiversity, manage waste generation and circularity, reduce air emissions, manage water resources and manage asset retirement requirements,” says Jim Swartz.

Chevron Nigeria Harps On Environmental Stewardship

Mohammed Shosanya

Chevron Nigeria Limited (CNL), operator of the joint venture between the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) and CNL -NNPCL/CNL JV,has faulted report associating it to environmental degradation.

It reaffirms its commitment to environmental stewardship in its operations in Nigeria.

The company said its operations are conducted with sound environmental management practices in strict compliance with applicable laws and regulatory requirements.

It added:”CNL places the highest priority on and remains committed to the safety of the people and the environment in its areas of operation.

“CNL’s efforts in environmental stewardship have continued to be recognized and applauded in the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

“CNL has a long history of working in collaboration with regulators and relevant stakeholders to identify and protect biodiversity in its areas of operation”.

Turn Plastic Foundation Showcases Recycling Innovations

Mohammed Shosanya

Turn Plastic Recycling Foundation, has showcased recycling innovations, as part of activities to commemorate its second year anniversary.

The recycling firm said its anniversary reflects on a journey that has not only redefined waste but has also impacted lives and livelihood of local communities.

Ihuoma Njemanze, the Project Coordinator from UNITAR,explained that TURN Plastic Recycling Foundation is borne from a CSR collaboration between the United Nations (UNITAR), TotalEnergies E&P Nig. (TEPNG), and NNPC. “TURN” refers to TURNing Waste into Value and empowering the local ecosystem she said.

This year’s anniversary was themed: Art, Culture and The Environment, designed to showcase the journey, impact and the vision for TURN Plastic Recycling.

Showcasing the recycling innovations, Mrs. Uloma Airhienbuwa cast a spotlight on creatives who have embraced environmental sustainability as their medium, challenging perceptions and inspiring a new wave of environmental awareness through art.

She showcased Upcycling innovations using plastic flip flops turned into unique and amazing Art works by an artist and environmentalist- Mr. Eugene Komboye; and another artist – Mrs. Miracle, both have woven a vibrant tapestry of art, culture, to create environmental consciousness.

Besides,the program was graced by poets with a passion for sensitizing the public on waste management – who rendered their creative and passionate poems about plastic waste management. Others included a professor who has created a variety of musical instruments using waste in his project called “Bin to Bank”.

TURN Plastic Foundation showcased some of their products made from 100% recycled plastic waste.

Mrs. Njemanze, added that, the TURN Plastic Recycling Foundation which recently launched the Train up a Child (TUC) Program, that aims to bring about behavioral change, skills acquisition, promotion of waste management, and an increase in the pace of adaptation of the UN SDGs and the nationally determined contribution (NDCs).

She charged Nigerians to join hands with TURN Plastic in achieving her vision of zero waste on the streets whilst empowering our local communities.

Leo Nwofa,the project manager showcased a summary of the project journey and roadmap where he mentioned that the project has employed over 50 people (60% women). He went further to state that the plant has grown by 50% between 2022 and 2023 and has saved in Q3 2023, a C02 equivalent of planting 300 trees.

Mr. Nwofa, encouraged Nigerians to follow the hierarchy of waste management which entails – refusing, if not needed; reducing, if you must use; and obviously proper disposal for recycling after use.

Oyo Govt Shuts Church Over Noise Pollution

Mohammed Shosanya

The Oyo State Government,has sealed a new generation Church, located at Golden Estate, Oluyole, Ibadan, the State capital.

The measure was taken by the State Government, against a branch of Christ Life Church in the area, after several unresolved steps taken by the Ministry to mediate among the complainants, residents and the church management.

The Commissioner for Environment and Natural Resources, Architect Abdulmojeed Mogbonjubola,said the state government was left with no other options, but to seal the church premises to avert preventable escalations of brewing tensions between the residents and the church on Sunday.

Architect Mogbonjubola, declared that the present administration would not fold its arms and allow escalations of any sort.

Officials of the Ministry on receipt of several complaints from next door residents to the Church, over the incessant noise, through official letters and phone calls, visited the area, on Thursday 9th November, 2023.

The team recorded the sound level of the church activities at intervals, starting from praise- worship, with the average reading of Seventy-four (74) DB (daytime), contravening the Extant Environmental Regulations of 2023, Section 58, Paragraph (b) which states that the noise limits for residential areas at daytime must not exceed 65DB.

It was ascertained with sound measurements that the church constituted noise pollution.

He emphasized that a resolution meeting was held with the parties, in the Ministry’s conference room on 29th November 2023, where the Church refused to sign undertaking letter, with the excuse to get approval from the its Headquarters and report back on Monday 4th December, 2023.

The Ministry frowned at the consistent crisis, which consequently resulted in the sealing of the church.

The Commissioner however, warned against occurrence of noise pollution, both by churches, mosques, club houses, industries, companies and market places, as violators would be prosecuted.

Environment:Sahara Group Plants 2,000 Trees Per Annum In Africa

Mohammed Shosanya

Sahara Group in partnership with Treedom is planting a minimum of 2,000 trees annually across Africa.

These initial set of trees will absorb more than 450 tonnes of CO2 over the next 10 years. This collection of trees called ‘Asharami Groves’ will be planted in the conglomerate’s locations of operation across Africa, starting with Cameroon (900 trees) and Kenya (1,100 trees),a statement said.

This collaboration is part of Sahara’s efforts to drive environmental sustainability. Treedom is a social organization that aims to support sustainable development through tree planting. Since Treedom’s establishment in 2010, more than 3 million trees have been planted across Africa, South-East Asia, and South America. All trees are planted directly by local farmers, bringing environmental, social, and financial benefits to their communities.

According to Ejiro Gray, Director, Governance and Sustainability, “Sahara Group is committed to taking ambitious actions to address climate change, and our collaboration with Treedom is a significant step towards achieving our sustainability goals. We believe that planting trees is one of the most effective ways to mitigate the impacts of climate change, and we are proud to partner with an organization that shares our vision of a sustainable future.”

Gray said Sahara Group remained committed to environmental sustainability and would continue to champion efforts geared towards preserving the environment and creating a better future for all. Sahara Group recently announced its 2060 net zero plan, which aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. This is in commitment to driving sustainability through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting energy efficiency, and adopting renewable energy sources.

Speaking on the significance of this partnership, Mario Pacifico, Managing Director Treedom, Mario expressed his excitement over Treedom’s partnership with Sahara and the impact that it would achieve.

“Treedom is happy to be partnering with Sahara to plant a minimum of 10,000 trees over the next 5 years. We see the energy industry as an area that must actively contribute to positive climate impact, which Sahara will be doing through our agroforestry projects in Cameroon and Kenya. Additionally, our farmer partners will be directly benefiting socially and economically at the same time through these projects” Pacifio added.

Sahara Group’s partnership with Treedom builds on previous tree planting initiatives, such as the planting of 1000 trees on a 2km range vegetation at Egbin Power Plc (a Sahara Group Power generation company) planting 1000 trees, helping to maintain the ecosystem balance. With about 140 electric scooters and buggies, Egbin’s ‘Go-Green’ initiatives cuts back 670,000kg of CO2 emission annually.

In addition, Ikeja Electric, a Sahara Group power distribution company pioneered the switch from paper-based to e-bills in a bid to promote sustainability. At the First Independent Power Limited (FIPL), another member of the Sahara Group family, a journey manager app digitally tracks movements that require the use of company vehicles, thereby reducing unnecessary vehicle usage and promoting more efficient transportation and environmental sustainability.

Oyo, UI Technical Team Move To Stop Water Scarcity


Mohammed Shosanya

The Oyo State Government has commenced moves to end the erratic water supply in the State, by collaborating with some Technical Team from the University of Ibadan.

The Chairman of the Oyo State Water Corporation, Hon. Elias Adeojo revealed this today in Ibadan while leading the Technical Team to the Scheme.

He emphasized that the Corporation decided to collaborate with the Team, due to its enthusiasm, experience and renowned expertise to assist the Corporation in attaining their goals.

He emphasized that the collaboration involves joining of forces and sharing of ideas on how to solve the issue of inconsistency in water supply in the state and sustaining it later.

He added that the exercise would take off from the Asejire Water Supply Scheme being the major aspect of water production of the Corporation.

Prof. Bamidele Dahunsi, a member of the Technical Team and Head of Department, Civil Engineering, University of Ibadan said that the Team is ready to collaborate with the Corporation in revamping the critical infrastructure of Water Corporation.

He pledged the team’s support to the Oyo state government to ensure provision of potable water to the habitants of Oyo state.

He added that the Team has noticed that there has been a downturn in the service of the Corporation hence the support to the Oyo state government.

He also said if the collaboration of the Team with the Chairman succeeds, then the state government has succeeded.

Another member of the Team, Engr S.O. Adesogan, also from the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Ibadan stressed that Asejire Water Supply Scheme and other Schemes are treasures to Oyo State Government, maintaining that with the goodwill of the Governor, Engr Seyi Makinde and the Chairman of the Corporation, the Corporation would reclaim its lost glory of producing water to the people of the State in no distant time.

FG Partners NESG On Improved Water Resources, Sanitation Sector

Mohammed Shosanya

The Federal Government has restated its commitment to partner with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group (NESG), to propel the water resources and sanitation sector towards achieving its objectives and mandate.

Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Prof. Joseph Utsev,who stated this during a meeting with NESG delegation in his office in Abuja, emphasized the import of private sector engagement in realising the ministry’s goals.

He commended the NESG for its contributions to Nigeria’s development and pledged to collaborate with NESG to accelerate the implementation of water resources and sanitation mandate to take Nigeria to the next level in line with the agenda of the present administration.

Dr. Tayo Aduloju, the Chief Executive Officer-Designate of NESG,recalled the inception of the first Nigerian Economic Summit, where the government and private sector jointly established six fundamental principles, including democracy, national interest governance, the rule of law, enabling business environment, private sector commitment, and free enterprise, as the basis for a modern economy.

He also disclosed the key role of the Summit in driving transformation in Nigeria, including the conceptualisation of Global Mobile System network (GSM), pension reform, liberalisation of the maritime sector and other numerous development plans.

He affirmed the private sector’s readiness to collaborate with the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation in implementing strategic commitment to fulfil the current administration’s mandate by attracting substantial international investments and transforming water resources into a valuable asset.

Mr. Gabriel Ekanem, Thematic Head for Water and Sanitation under the Infrastructure Policy Commission of NESG, elaborated on NESG’s previous collaborations with the Ministry.

He explained that these collaborations encompass areas such as water supply, data collection,water resources master plan, and regulatory frameworks for water resources management.

TotalEnergies Plants Trees,Restates Commitment To Environmental Safety

Mohammed Shosanya

TotalEnergies Marketing Nigeria Plc,has planted 114 trees and collected 4706 kilograms of waste in Edo, Lagos, and Kano,in commemoration of the 2023 World Clean-Up Day.

The company also created awareness on the journey towards a circular economy, the sensitization of communities on the need to protect the environment and ultimately, leave behind a sustainable world for future generations.

A statement from company quoted that six secondary schools:Obele Community High School, Surulere, Lagos; Gbaja Boys Senior High School, Lagos; Idia College, Benin City, Edo State; Emotan College, Benin City, Edo State; Mario Tijani Girls Science College Kano, Kano State; and Government Boys Technical College, Kano participated in the activities.

Speaking at Obele Senior Secondary School and Ideal Girls High School Surulere, Lagos, the Managing Director, TotalEnergies Marketing Nigeria Plc, Dr. Samba Seye said, “The 2023 World Clean-up Day is a clarion call to action for Nigerians to make the planet safe.”

He explained that the objective of the initiative was to meet some of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals by demonstrating TotalEnergies commitment to protecting the environment and promoting climate actions while provoking environmental consciousness among o communities and young persons.

He restated the company’s transformation towards cleaner energies.

He said: “We are constantly embracing initiatives that support biodiversity and environmental preservation. More than ever before, there is heightened need for environmental consciousness as the climate beckons for action from every individual. We are therefore intentional in creating necessary awareness and implementing actions that protect the environment.”

The Managing Director’s speech was read by representatives at the other locations of Edo and Kano States,the statement said.

The call for action was corroborated by Deputy Director, Conservation and Ecology, Ministry of Environment, Lagos State, Mr. Olabode Adeola,who represented the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry.

He said:“We are harnessing the power of the people to clean up the earth. If we treat our environment well, it will treat us well. This change must begin with us.”

Over 50 permanent employees of the Company participated in the activities through the employee volunteers’ platform, ACTION!.

Besides,over 100 staff from the company’s service stations and over 330 students volunteered across the six locations/schools in the participating States.

Representatives of the Ministries of Education and Environment in the selected States, officials of the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), representatives of the Nigeria Police Force, Kano State, staff of the Kano State Zoological Garden and Tourism, 10 volunteers from the Ogba Zoological Park and Garden in Benin City, Edo State, and two sanitation officers from Benin City, Edo State also participated in the activities.

The World Cleanup Day is an annual global social action programme aimed at combating the global solid waste problem. It is celebrated annually on the third Saturday in September and brings together pro-environment enthusiasts worldwide to clean up and care for their communities.

NSML Unveils Clean Waterways Initiative To Stop Plastic Pollution

Mohammed Shosanya

NLNG Shipping and Marine Services Limited (NSML) has launched its Clean Water Initiative, a programme to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and to advocate for action to address the issue.

Speaking on the initiative, the Chief Executive Officer of NSML, Mr Abdulkadir Ahmed,noted the detrimental effects of the plastic crisis on economic activities, human health, and the environment.

“Our waterways, and by extension the world’s oceans, are in the depths of a plastic crisis. Plastics and marine pollution have found their way into every marine ecosystem, impacting economic activities and the health of our people and the environment.

“We all have a role to play in protecting our oceans. The NSML Clean Water Initiative is our way of contributing to the global effort to tackle plastic pollution. We urge everyone to join us in this important work,” Mr Ahmed said.

Also speaking ,Nigeria LNG Limited’s (NLNG’s) General Manager, External Relations and Sustainable Development, Andy Odeh, said that the clean water initiative was a universal cause, given the importance of water to human existence.

The launch of the Clean Water Initiative comes at a time when the world is facing a growing plastic pollution crisis. According to the United Nations, over 8 million tonnes of plastic enter our oceans every year, and scientists warn that by 2050, there will be more plastic (by weight) than fish in the sea.

The NSML Clean Water Initiative is a call to action for all stakeholders to address this urgent problem. It adopts a “TRIPLE A” Awareness, Advocacy, and Action strategy. It seeks to raise public awareness, educate stakeholders, and drive policy changes and solutions at the sub-national and national levels. The initiative will focus on clean-up efforts, improving waste management, and promoting recycling practices to reduce the inflow of plastics and waste into our rivers and waterways.

The launch of the Clean Water Initiative was attended by stakeholders in the industry.

The NSML Clean Water Initiative is a significant step forward in the fight against plastic pollution.

NSML is a subsidiary of NLNG. The private limited liability company provides shipping and maritime services which include training, manning, fleet management and consultancy services.

CSR:UBA Foundation Deepens Commitment To Environment,Africa’s Green Revolution

Mohammed Shosanya

UBA Foundation, the corporate social responsibility arm of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc,has renewed its drive towards promoting sustainability and fostering Africa’s green revolution.

The foundation has reaffirmed its commitment to environmental preservation in line with global efforts to mitigate climate change and advance ecological conservation.

As part of activities to ensure the safety of the environment and in line with its environmental mandate, the Foundation last Thursday, flagged off its 2023 Tree Planting Campaign in partnership with the Lagos State Parks and Garden Agency (LASPARK), at the UBA Foundation Garden, Marina Lagos and the International Airport Setback Garden, Ikeja Lagos; and across all its locations in the 20 African countries with the theme: Shades of Hope: One Tree at a Time.

Its Group Managing Director, Oliver Alawuba, who flagged off the campaign with a symbolic tree planting at the UBA Foundation Garden, Marina Lagos, said that the bank, through its Foundation actively engages in environmental conservation to safeguard the natural ecosystems that Africa depends on.

He explained that by partnering with stakeholders and government agencies, UBA Foundation supports programs that enhance biodiversity and ecosystem health and also serves as an inspiration for sustainable practices.

He said:“With the ongoing heatwave that has been reported across the United States, United Kingdom and China, we know that the issue of climate change has to be taken seriously now more than ever. We therefore have to act fast to save our planet for the future generations. There is the need to conserve our environment, and planting trees is one of the ways we can achieve this.

“To us as a bank, this is very symbolic as we are committed to saving our host communities. We are very strong on our Corporate Social Responsibilities, infact, as a bank, UBA devotes one percent of its annual profit to improve education, the environment, and to generally give back to the society where we operate.”

One of the key partners with UBA Foundation on its sustainability efforts is LASPARK.

The General Manger, Mrs Adetoun Popoola, who was at the tree planting effort in Lagos, commended UBA for its efforts at planting over 1,000 trees, across all its branches in Africa, as she added that initiatives such as these compliment government efforts.

She said: “Collaborations such as these are important, and we do not fail to let people know that planting trees is very crucial to build a safer and sustainable environment which is important for us. So, we advise that people should learn to plant trees for special events, such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and others, you can plant at your balconies, gardens, rooftops galleries, anywhere”