Federation Account Receives Over N5trn In Six Months- RMAFC

Mohammed Shosanya

The Revenue Mobilisation Allocation And Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) has disclosed that the total sum of N5,244,037,636,561.60 (Five trillion, two hundred and forty four billion, thirty seven million, six hundred and thirty six thousand, five hundred and sixty one Naira, sixty Kobo has accrued into the Federation Account for the period January to June, 2023 as captured in the monthly report to the Federation Account Allocation Committee (FAAC) by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) under the caption “CBN Federation Account Component Statement”.

In a press statement signed by the RMAFC Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Bello Shehu and distributed to newsmen in Abuja, the Commission reported on the total revenue that accrued into the Federation Account from January to June, 2023.

According to him,of the total gross revenue inflows into the Federation Account, the sum of N627,301,922,426.35 (Six hundred and twenty seven billion, three hundred and one million, nine hundred and twenty two thousand, four hundred and twenty six Naira, thirty five Kobo) was NNPCL JV Petroleum Profit Tax (PPT) due, captured and recorded by the FIRS, but utilized by the NNPCL for other federal government obligations.

The statement said,the Nigerian Upstream Petroleum Regulatory Commission (NUPRC) remitted the sum of N823,512,065,893.15 (Eight hundred and twenty three billion, five hundred and twelve million, sixty five thousand, eight hundred and ninety three Naira, fifteen Kobo) while the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) made a gross collection of N3,655,894,989,129.28 (Three trillion, six hundred and fifty five billion, eight hundred and ninety four million, nine hundred and eighty nine thousand, one hundred and twenty nine naira, twenty eight kobo) but remitted N3,028,593,066,702.93 (Three trillion, twenty eight billion, five hundred and ninety three million, sixty six thousand, seven hundred and two naira, ninety three kobo) retaining the difference as cost of collection.

The statement further disclosed that the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) on its part remitted the sum N764,630,581,539.17 (Seven hundred and sixty four billion, six hundred and thirty million, five hundred and eighty one thousand, five hundred and thirty nine Naira, seventeen Kobo).

It however, added that the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) did not remit any amount into the Federation Account during the period either as profit revenue or other revenues as contained in the Petroleum Industry Act (PIA), 2021 as its revenue performance could not be assessed because neither its revenue target was disclosed nor its revenue remittance to the Federation Account was provided.

The statement adds that the sum of N1,490,946,180,918.52 (One trillion, four hundred and ninety billion, nine hundred and forty six million, one hundred and eighty thousand, nine hundred and eighteen Naira, fifty two Kobo was realized as Value Added Tax (VAT) while the sum of N83,024,395,855.89 (Eighty three billion, twenty four million, three hundred and ninety five thousand, eight hundred and fifty five Naira, eighty nine Kobo) was realized from the Electronic Money Transfer Levy (EMTL) from which the sum of N3,320,975,834.23 (Three billion, three hundred and twenty million, nine hundred and seventy five thousand, eight hundred and thirty four Naira, twenty three Kobo) was paid to FIRS as cost of collection.

Additionally, the FIRS received the sum of N82,031,796,937.01 (Eighty two billion, thirty one million, seven hundred and ninety six thousand, nine hundred and thirty seven Naira, One Kobo) and N3,320,975,834.23 (Three billion, three hundred and twenty million, nine hundred and seventy five thousand, eight hundred and thirty four Naira, twenty three Kobo) as cost of collection on PPT/CIT and EMTL collections respectively in the period.

The report revealed that on VAT, the FIRS/NCS together received the sum of N59, 593,164,213.83 (Fifty nine billion, five hundred and ninety three million, one hundred and sixty four thousand, two hundred and thirteen Naira, eighty three Kobo) as cost of collection within the period under review.

The report indicates that the sum of N16, 680,990,990.93 (Sixteen billion, six hundred and eighty million, nine hundred and ninety thousand, nine hundred and ninety Naira, Ninety three Kobo) was realized from the solid minerals sector.

The RMAFC Chair added that total collections from VAT netted the sum
of N1,387,328,862,898.16 (One trillion, three hundred and eighty seven billion,
three hundred and twenty eight million, eight hundred and sixty two thousand, eight
hundred and ninety eight Naira, sixteen Kobo which was shared to the 3-tiers of
government in accordance with the approved VAT sharing formula.

“Furthermore, the sum of N1,117,075,572.57 (One billion, one hundred and seventeen million, seventy five thousand, five hundred and seventy Naira, fifty seven Kobo) was paid in the month of March, 2023 as Consultancy Fee on VAT”.

On the statutory allocations to the three tiers of government, Mr. Bello disclosed that the net sum of N3,069,594,889,669.74 (Three trillion, sixty nine billion, five hundred and ninety four million, eight hundred and eighty nine thousand, six hundred and sixty nine Naira, seventy four Kobo was shared to the 3-tiers of government in the period January to June, 2023.

In the area of payment of cost of collection to Revenue Generating Agencies (RGAs) from the Federation Account component, the statement reveals that the NCS received the sum of N53,524,140,707.73 (Fifty three billion, five hundred and twenty four million, one hundred and forty thousand, seven hundred and seven Naira, seventy three Kobo) while the NUPRC received the sum of N33,961,852,403.53 (Thirty three billion, nine hundred and sixty one million, eight hundred and fifty two thousand, four hundred and three Naira, fifty three Kobo) within the period under review.

The statement added that the sum of N48,105,698,218.35 (Forty eight billion, one hundred and five million, six hundred and ninety eight thousand, two hundred and eighteen Naira, thirty five Kobo) was paid to the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA).

“This money was collected by NUPRC as penalty on gas flared. Revenues on gas flared penalty used to be Federation Account revenues before the PIA, 2021 which provided that such revenues should be paid 100% to the NMDPRA”.

The RMAFC Chair described the statutory deductions which constituted 32.27% of the total gross inflow into the Federation Account in the six month period as superfluous and constitute a drain on the Federation Account.

Mr. Shehu also disclosed that the sum of N1,692,591,243,111.06 (One trillion six hundred and ninety two billion five hundred and ninety one million two hundred and forty three thousand one hundred and eleven Naira six Kobo was deducted at source by the OAGF as approved statutory deductions; with a further deduction of the sum of N70,000,000,000 (Seventy billion Naira) by the FIRS under the name of FIRS Priority Projects in the second quarter.

The Chairman observed that the Nigerian economy at the moment requires some pragmatic measures to enhance distributable revenues for the three tiers of government for the overall development and growth of the country.

According to the statement, the Commission made far reaching recommendations on the operations and management of the Federation Account with particular reference to: Payment of cost of collection to RGAs which should be tied to revenue performance where each RGA should receive cost of collection commensurate to the revenue generated against its revenue target in the Appropriation Act; the need for the government to review the payment of 100% (less cost of collection) revenue realized from gas flared penalty to the NMDPRA as Gas flared penalty was hitherto a Federation Account revenue component taken over by the PIA, 2021.

Other recommendations include the need to review, holistically, all legislations with
respect to statutory deductions to allow for increase in the amount to be shared
among the 3-tiers of government;greater emphasis on the solid Minerals sector to
improve revenue generation therefrom and further achieve economic diversification;
no further deduction should be made by FIRS in the name of ‘priority projects’ to
avoid a repeat of the situation under NNPC where large chunk of funds were
deducted as first line charge under similar name, i.e. ‘NNPC priority projects’; and
All accruals due on 13% Derivation should be deducted as at when due to avoid
refunds in future.

“This is to guarantee accountability, probity and transparency in the management of
the Federation Accounts and disbursements to the 3-tiers of government”.

The Commission also recommended that all NNPCL JV PPT should be paid to the Federation Account through FIRS, i.e. such taxes should not be retained by the company in the name of financing FGN priority projects; and NNPCL should be made to remit promptly all revenues due to the Federation Account as at when due in compliance with the provisions of the PIA, 2021.

The Chairman reiterated the commitment of the Revenue Mobilization Allocation
and Fiscal Commission in ensuring the elimination of opacity in the management of
the country’s commonwealth and promoting prudence, transparency and
accountability in line with the new administration’s Renewed Hope Agenda which
promises a new era for economic growth and development.

Nigeria To Ease Capital Flow As ExxonMobil Pledges 40,000bpd In New Production

Mohammed Shosanya

Nigeria is best prepared to solve problems and crush all bottlenecks standing in the way of new and large-scale capital flowing into Nigeria’s oil & gas industry,President Bola Tinubu,has said.

This is just as ExxonMobil pledged new production of nearly 40,000bpd in its Nigerian operations in phase one of a new investment push in Nigeria.

President Bola Tinubu disclosed this when he hosted a delegation consisting of the global leadership of an Oil & Gas transnational giant, ExxonMobil, on Monday in New York.

Nigeria is no longer settling for crumbs and leftovers on the investment agenda of the world’s most prolific energy conglomerates,he said,adding that: “Nigeria has never been more ready for business than it is now.”

“The knotty issues require direct supervision on my part. Despite many contending obligations, I will sit down and oversee the process of removing these encumbrances to job and wealth creation for the Nigerian people. We know the industry. We grew up in it. We are positioned to solve the problems, and we are pragmatic, and we will solve the problem,” the President assured.

Speaking,ExxonMobil President of Global Upstream Operations, Liam Mallon, assured President Tinubu that he is aware of the new and personal commitment that the President is bringing to bear on behalf of Nigeria and is well placed to reciprocate the President’s efforts with new investment as he pledged new production of nearly 40,000bpd in its Nigerian operations in phase one of a new investment push in Nigeria.

“What you told us was that your team would collaborate with us, and that has proven true. We have made significant progress since we last met. We are growing our production, and we are working hard on expanding in the deepwater production. We appreciate your efforts, and we will respond in kind. The time is right. Thank you for your leadership,” the ExxonMobil President stated.

Oyo Customs Command Earns N47.40bn,Renews War Against Smuggling

Mohammed Shosanya

The Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Oyo/Osun command generated N47.40 billion between January and September 2023.

It disclosed that it seized smuggled goods with Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N308.28 million during the same period.

Comptroller Ben Oramalugo has been deployed to Oyo/Osun Area Command to take over the from Comptroller Babajide Jaiyeoba, who was equally deployed to the Apapa Area Command of the service.

He formally took over from Comptroller Jaiyeoba on Monday September 18, 2023 as the substantive Customs Area Controller of the Oyo/Osun Area Command.

Speaking at a a brief handing over ceremony at Ibadan, Oyo state headquarters of the Command, the outgoing Customs Area Controller, Comptroller Jaiyeoba,welcomed and congratulated the incoming Customs Area Controller on his posting to the Oyo/Osun Area Command.

He disclosed that the Command under his leadership surpassed its revenue target for the year 2022, adding that it has so far had collected the sum of N47,408,251,086.73 as revenue and made various seizures of uncustom goods with a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of N308,282,459.00 for the period of January-September 2023.

He commended officers and men of the Command for their cooperation, display of professionalism and resilience, as he emphasized that these qualities enabled the Command achieved set objectives.

He urged all Command officers to ensure they keep working as a team, perform their duties within the ambits of the laws guiding the Service and extend the same cooperation he received to his successor.

The incoming Customs Area Controller, Comptroller Oramalugo, highlighted the core duties of Customs officers as revenue generation, trade facilitation and suppression of smuggling, which he stated were the mandates he would uphold.

He appreciated his predecessor for the extensive work done and laudable achievements during his tour at Oyo/Osun Area Command, as he promised that he would continue from where he stopped.

He implored all officers to extend to him the same cooperation given to his predecessor, to enable the Command achieve set objectives and attain greater heights.

Obi Asks Supreme Court To Nullify Tinubu’s Victory

Mohammed Shosanya

The Labour Party and its presidential candidate in the February 25, presidential election, Mr Peter Obi, have filed a 51-grounds of appeal at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, seeking the nullification of declaration of President Bola Tinubu by the Independent National Electoral Commission as winner of the election.

Obi’s notice of appeal was filed by his counsel, P. I. N Ikwueto SAN.

Obi told the apex court that the judgment of the Presidential Election Petition Court delivered on September 6, by Chairman of the 5-man panel, Justice Haruna Tsammani, was against the weight of evidence.

Obi is praying the Supreme Court
to allow his appeal, as well as set aside the “perverse Judgment of the Court below”.

He asked the apex court to grant the reliefs sought in the petition, either in the main or in the alternative.

Stakeholders Back Shake-Up In NNPC

Mohammed Shosanya

Stakeholders in the nation’s economy have expressed support for the ongoing shake-up in the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC Ltd.),saying the action would go a long way in repositioning the company for profitability.

They also said the action was a right step in the right direction,as it would in the long run enable the company to add more value to the lives of most Nigerians.

The shake-up saw the statutory retirement of some of the company’s management staff with less than 15 months to quit the employ of the company.

The company made this known on Tuesday on its official X handle formerly known as Twitter.

According to the NNPCL,the move is in a bid to pursue effective organisational renewal to support the delivery of its strategic business objectives, as it has become imperative to rejuvenate its workforce.

The statement posted on the company’s X page reads “Consequently, in addition to the recent exit of three Executive Vice Presidents, other management staff with less than fifteen (15) months to statutory retirement will be exiting the company effective Sept. 19, 2023.

“This is in line with our commitment to scale up NNPCL’s capabilities through targeted talent management and equal opportunity for all Nigerians,” it said.

With the price of crude oil in the international market heading for $100 or more,there is no better time to carry out the overhauling of the overloaded and sadly redundant
manpower/ workforce of NNPCL,Kunle Olubiyo,Nigeria Consumer Protection Network President and Power Sector Perspectives Coordinator, told Premium News on Tuesday.

He said it was not right to make workers of the company redundant for too long at the expense of the country’s economy.

He implored the company to pay up the affected workers with a view to enabling them
use their productive years to engage in other activities or businesses.

Dr.Muda Yussuf,Chief Executive Officer,Centre for the Promotion of Private Enterprise,CPPE,also told Premium News that the action was in order as the NNPC needs workable mechanism to enable it work at par with its contemporaries in other countries.

Steer Clear Of Unity Schools, Labour Warns Investors

Mohammed Shosanya

Organized Labour under the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) has warned investors to stay off unity schools in the country.

The action was sequel to renewed clamour to privatize Federal Government Colleges (FGCs) throughout Nigeria.

The ASCSN’s Secretary-General, Comrade Joshua Apebo,who conveyed the warning in a statement on Tuesday, regretted that over ten years after the union stalled plans to sell the 110 Federal Government Colleges, the collective wealth of millions of Nigerians to the privileged few, the matter is rearing its ugly head again.

He maintained that in civilized climes, philanthropists and other individuals and groups build standard schools, hospitals, etc, and donate them for public use.

“But in Nigeria, portfolio-carrying investors always connive with greedy politicians to be converting public companies and institutions into their private estates under the dubious Public-Private Partnership (PPP) model.

“We, therefore, urge the Trade Union Movement, Royal Fathers, Religious Organizations, Civil Society Groups, Parent-Teachers Associations, Student Unions, Leaders of thought, men and women of good conscience in the country to unite as they did more than ten years ago in order to prevent a situation where Federal Government Colleges will be sold to few parasitic individuals,” the union emphasized.

He recalled that appalled by politics of ethnicity and bitterness which characterized the first Republic, the then Prime Minister, Sir Tafawa Balewa, in 1966 conceived and set up three Federal Government Colleges, one at Okposi (later moved to Enugu) for Eastern region, another one in Warri for Western region and the third one in Sokoto for Northern region to be unifying institutions for Nigerian children from all parts of the ountry irrespective of their social status and tribes so that they would grow up as better citizens and see themselves as Nigerians having interacted closely with one another during their formative years.

He said that once the schools are ceded to private entrepreneurs, they would become money-spinners and as such would be out of the reach of millions of Nigerian children whose parents and guardians would not afford exorbitant fees that would be imposed apart from the fact that thousands of teachers and other workers would be thrown into the saturated labour market.

“Once education becomes a commodity only for the rich, it will be a violation of Section 18 of the 1999 Constitution as amended which stipulates, among other things, that Government shall direct its policies towards ensuring that there are equal and adequate educational opportunities at all levels.

“Indeed, Section 18 (3) provides that Government shall strive to eradicate illiteracy and shall therefore provide free, compulsory and universal primary education; free secondary education; free university education; and free adult literacy programme,” the union stated.

It also recalled that while the struggle by the Union and other well-meaning Nigerians to retain the Unity Colleges between 2005-2010 raged, the then Honourable Minister of Education set up a committee headed by Senator Jonathan Silas Zwingina to tour all the FGCs and make its recommendations.

According to ASCSN, while presenting its report to the Honorable Minister of Education on 12th March 2009 in Abuja, Senator Zwingina stated, among other thins, that funding of the Unity Colleges appeared to be the single most important factor because some stakeholders see the maintenance of the Colleges as expensive and wasteful and had even called for their privatization.

The Zwingina Committee then posited: “The fact is that National integration is so important that we cannot place a limit to the cost of sustaining it.

“Those complaining about the cost of National integration should reflect on the comparative cost of National disintegration. Presently, the institutions sustaining integration in Nigeria are the NYSC, the Federal Unity Colleges and Federal Departments and Agencies who have staff all over the country. We should therefore not take this effort for granted but must continue to sustain and encourage their growth and expansion,” the report emphasized.

The ASCSN Secretary-General stated that during the struggle to forestall the sale of FGCs, the Union embarked on seven (7) weeks strike, did intensive media campaigns, engaged Lawyers, apart from series of correspondences and meetings with government officials.

“It was discovered then that those who have been penciled down to buy the Schools wanted to convert the vast expense of land and the structures therein into hotels and shopping malls to make profits because they do not have the interest of millions of students at heart.

“Communities who donated the land pledged to retrieve their land because they were donated to build schools for Nigerian children and not for the privileged few to make money,” he emphasized.

The union urged Nigerians not to stand by and watch the Federal Government Colleges sold to the privileged rich and thereby mortgage the future of millions of Nigerian children.

Subsidy: Nigerian Workers Running Out Of Patience,TUC Tells FG

Mohammed Shosanya

President of the Trade Union Congress (TUC) Festus Osifo has said that Nigerian workers are running out of patience, on account of the recent subsidy removal by the federal government.

Osifo spoke on Tuesday, during a meeting with the Minister of Labour and Employment, Simon Lalong in his office.

He decried the seeming inaction of the government towards addressing the grievances of the workers on the country.

He acknowledged the fact that the President was away in the United States, attending the United Nations General Assembly, but noted that they expect the government to within the next two weeks wrap up effective palliative scheme to douse pressures.

“We as TUC appreciate the efforts of the Minister but there has to be more action than promises because workers are getting more inpatient due to hardship occasioned by the removal of subsidy.

“Workers are facing enormous pressures that are making life very difficult, which makes the leadership of TUC to have sleepless nights.

“We hope that between the next two weeks, the President would have done everything possible to arrive at a conclusion which the workers are eager to hear in order to douse the tension and threat for withdrawal of services by workers,” Osifo reiterated when they met with the Minister.

Briefing the TUC officials on efforts being made by the Federal Government to address their grievances, Lalong said after their last meeting, he met with the President to highlight some of the issues raised by the Labour union.

He implored the TUC to exercise more patience, explaining that before the President left for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York, he was fully briefed and gave further directives on implementation of issues put before him, particularly when he personally met with the labour leaders.

Before the meeting went into a closed door session, the Minister thanked the TUC for accepting to come for the briefing, which showed that they were committed to the Nigerian project and are open to dialogue for greater industrial harmony.

Ikeja Electric Replaces Ikorodu Power Transformers With N250m

Mohammed Shosanya

Ikeja Electric Plc (IE) in its efforts to strengthen critical infrastructure to ensure improved service to its customers in the Ikorodu axis of Lagos State recently replaced the faulty 15MVA power transformer at Sabo Injection Substation (ISS) with a new one.

According to the Chief Technical Officer, Ikeja Electric, Engr. Olajide Kumapayi, the replacement of the faulty power transformer which costs close to Two Hundred and Fifty Million Naira (N250m), became necessary to ease the menace of poor power supply being experienced by over fifteen thousand customers that are getting supply from the power transformer one (T1) at Sabo injection substation before it went bad completely.

He noted that the replacement will increase the availability of supply from the previous three hours to a minimum of twelve hours daily. This would be based on the service band tariff class associated with the feeders.

Engr. Kumapayi stated that nine 11kv feeders were radiated from Sabo Injection Sub-station through the two power transformers which includes Ayangburen, Lasunwon, Lagos Road, Marie, Ladega, Erunwen, Igbogbo, Ijebu-Ode and Eyita communities and environs.

He further explained that the construction of a new Injection Substation at the Lagos State University of Technology (LASUTECH) Ikorodu will commence shortly noting that it will provide one dedicated 11kv feeder for LASUTECH and two additional feeders to relieve Erunwen and Ijebu-Ode 11kv feeders in the Sabo Injection Substation.

He assured that these investments will no doubt ensure optimal utilization of the technical assets to guarantee wider access and power availability across all impacted feeders in our resolve to meet the demand of our esteemed customers.

The company’s Head of Corporate Communications, Kingsley Okotie
while expressing IE’s commitment to improved service delivery to her esteemed customers across the entire network coverage area, thanked vigilant customers, community leaders and security operatives who have continued to assist in safeguarding electrical equipment in their neighborhood against theft, vandalism and acts of sabotage as failure to do so will jeopardize concerted efforts of the company from achieving the desired objective of sustainably powering livelihoods, businesses and communities.

The power firm’s spokesman urged customers to take advantage of the new IE Payment Website (www.ie-payments.com) for seamless payment solutions as well as the multi-functional smartKYC@ikejaelectric.com platform alongside other official complaints resolution channels via phone on: 01-7000-250, 01-227-2940.

NNPC/SNEPCo Supports Special Need Pupils In Five-Year Deal With Irede Foundation

Mohammed Shosanya

A partnership between the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited, Shell Nigeria Exploration Company Limited (NNPC/SNEPCo) and an NGO, The Irede Foundation has been supporting pupils living with disabilities with prosthetic limbs and training to enable them to acquire education and lead productive lives.

Among other achievements, the partnership which has gone on for five years, provided prosthetic limbs to 25 child amputees who have since returned to school and upgraded The Irede Foundation Prosthetic Limb Centre for conducive limb production, fitting, and rehabilitation process. To date, the centre has catered to more than 150 child amputees.

Four prosthetic limbs were handed out at a ceremony in Lagos on Tuesday in the latest outreach under the partnership.

“Every year, it brings us even more joy to have new friends join us and we are so proud of the progress our old friends are making in their personal lives after receiving their artificial limbs,” SNEPCo Managing Director, Elohor Aiboni said,

She added:“At Shell, powering progress means powering lives and livelihoods through our products and activities, and by supporting an inclusive society which the limb support initiative aims to promote. As we continue to work for the socio -economic development of our country and its people we constantly recognise that the future of any nation lies in its children.”

In an address, the Chief Upstream Investment Officer, NNPC Upstream Investment Management Services (NUIMS,) Mr. Bala Wunti said: “Our mission is not just to provide physical support, but to empower these children to reach for the stars. With these prosthetics, we are giving them the wings to fly, the legs to run, and the confidence to embrace life’s challenges head-on.”

Wunti,who was represented by NUIMS External Relations Deputy Manager, Mrs. Bunmi Lawson, said: NNPC Limited would continuously champion the implementation of Sustainable projects and programmes that would positively impact the lives of Nigerian citizens.

Executive Director, The Irede Foundation, Mrs Crystal Chigbu, described the partnership with NNPC/SNEPCo as a “transformative collaboration.” She said: “Five years ago, we embarked on a journey filled with hope, purpose, and a shared commitment to make a difference in the lives of children. Today, as we reflect on our collective efforts, we can proudly say that we have made a profound impact.”

The impact of the partnership has stretched beyond young lives. It has promoted inclusion in a public outreach christened “Out on A Limb Walk” and equipped secondary school students with the information and skills to support fellow students living with limb disabilities. In addition, the partnership has educated nearly 5,000 pupils about disability through discussions and distribution of a comic book created by The Irede Foundation to drive advocacy for children living with disabilities.

Supporting pupils living with disabilities is just one aspect of the social investment portfolio of NNPC/SNEPCo which includes provision of educational and healthcare services and facilities across Nigeria.

Last year, NNPC/SNEPCo constructed and renovated two primary healthcare centres for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in Borno and Yobe states. These provide Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities, medical infrastructure and training for 252 healthcare workers.

Mohbad’s Spirit Gives Me Sleepless Night– Davido

Nigerian Afrobeat singer, David Adeleke, also known as Davido, says the death of Mohbad has made it difficult for him to fall asleep.

He disclosed this in a post on his Instagram story, after confirming he would be present at the candlelight procession to honour the late singer on Thursday.

“On the way 🇳🇬.Mohbad ur spirit strong ooo..sleep come hard me,” he wrote.

The procession will begin at the Lekki Phase 1 gate and end with a tribute concert at Muri Okunola Park.

The statement said:”We appreciate the outpouring of love from fans across the world, to the ones who’ve organized events in their communities as a way to honor and pay respect to our shining light we say thank you. Join us for Mohbad’s Candlelight Procession and Tribute Concert.”