Alleged Defamation:Court Summons Two Bloggers For Circulating Nude Photo Of Socialite

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Mohammed Shosanya

The Chief Magistrate Court,Wuse Zone 6, has summoned two social media users for criminal defamation of a socialite,Dorcas Adeyinka.

In the court summons dated May 9, 2024,the Chief Magistrate Emmanuel Iyanna ordered the two defendants — Tolulope Adeoye aka Abike Jagaban and Tolulope Odegbami aka Olowosibi — to appear in person before the court on June 4, 2024, to answer the charges levelled against them by the complainant.

In a criminal complaint filed by the complainants’ lawyers led by Pelumi Olajengbesi of Abuja-based law firm, Law Corridor, the complainant accused the defendants of sharing her nude photo on social media and ridiculed her.

“On the 5th of March 2022, Abike Jagaban shared the complainant’s nude pictures on Youtube, directing her followers to different online platfoms where the complainant’s pictures were/are shared and ridiculed the complainant in the process.

“The video is captioned: ‘Abike Jagaban on Dorcas Adeyinka, aka TMS Blog’. These actions have exposed the complainant to contempt, hatred, and detestation as some people can be seen making disparaging remarks against the person of the complainant in the comment section of the above referenced post. Abike Jagaban has also bullied the complainant in another video titled, ‘How Abike Jagaban Bully Dorcas Adeyinka’.

“The defendants have also circulated publications on social media, alleging that the complainant is responsible for the death of an individual named Folusho Asimiyu, also known as ‘Iya Ibeji’, whom the complainant had previously supported financially through her non-governmental organisation. These allegations have been made without any evidence or connection linking the complainant to the demise of Folunsho Asimiyu,” the complaint read.

The complainant said the alleged actions of the defendants constitute criminal defamation and contravened Sections 391 of the Penal Code.

In the suit number CR/93/2024 with Motion No: MN/140/2024, Magistrate Iyanna ordered the complainant to serve the defendants with the criminal summons and all other subsequent processes of the court via their social media handle or pages @Tolulope Omolara Ghaba (Favebook) and @Princess Tolulope Ajike Olowosibi (Facebook).

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